Cognitive Sourcing Survey & Maturity Assessment

Welcome to LevaData’s Cognitive Sourcing Survey and Maturity Assessment. We survey procurement executives across a range of industries to bring you insights into trends, benchmarks, and technology adoption in direct materials sourcing. Take the survey and you'll receive immediate feedback about where you stand on the Cognitive Soucring Maturity Model.

Take the survey

Take the Survey

This year’s question base is slightly expanded to help us bring you more insight into how procurement is collaborating with other functions, including the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, on a day to day basis.

We will be examining issues such as

What systems are in use and where investment is planned

How organizations regard the talent and technological proficiency of their teams

Where the average organization stand on the Cognitive Sourcing Maturity Model, and what’s driving the difference

The agility required for best-in-class sourcing events

Cross-functional collaboration throughout the NPI process

By participating in the survey, you’ll receive instant feedback as to where you stand on the Cognitive Sourcing Mature Model. You’ll also receive the full 2019 study results once it’s published.

The survey should take 15 to 20 minutes.

Are You Pulling Ahead or Falling Behind?

Cognitive Sourcing Survey 2018 identified a growing gap between organizations that have successfully begun to implement a digital transformation, and those that are struggling to adapt.

Strategic Control

Best in Class organizations actively manage a larger percentage of their supply base every year.

RFQ Cycle Time

Leading organizations complete their RFQ cycles faster up to a month faster than average.

Sourcing Event Frequency

To gain a step on the competition be in more frequent contact with your suppliers, with better information.

Management Tools

Integrated market intelligence systems give your professionals the information edge they need to pull ahead.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Breaking down barriers between functions allows you to leverage skills and talent from across your organization.

Download the full results of last year’s survey HERE.

Rajesh Kalidindi

Rajesh Kalidindi
Founder & CEO, LevaData

“People know that digital disruption in the supply chain is already underway. Given this, we were greatly surprised to learn how many procurement managers are still using outmoded management tools. As more companies implement AI-powered strategic sourcing technologies, those that don’t will find themselves at a crippling disadvantage.”