Revolutionize Your Approach to NPI with Cognitive Sourcing™

LevaData’s Cognitive Sourcing Platform provides your NPI team with the information and seamless collaboration needed to pull ahead of the competition.

Revolutionize Your Approach to NPI with Cognitive Sourcing™ 2019-08-01T11:09:58+00:00


Improve Margins

Make better decisions with
accurate, rolled-up product costs
early in the process


Speed Time to Market

Share information and access
internal expertise with built-in
project management tools

speed warning

Reduce Risk

Identify risks, model outcomes and
evaluate the impact of your
decisions with the help of LevaTM,
an AI-advisor

Improve Margins with Timely Data and Better Information

Access to Comprehensive Part Intelligence

While procurement teams are constantly working with suppliers to reduce component costs, up to 80% of a product’s costs are “locked-in” during the design stage. Upload your initial BOM and LevaData auto-completes and updates critical information such as part numbers, EOL dates and alternate suppliers.

Explore Your Options

LevaData improves margins by recommending alternate parts, identifying cheaper, lower cost or risk suppliers and providing customized playbooks to get the most out of every NPI negotiation.

Leverage Network Data

In addition to historical spend, use community and third-party data to generate benchmarks and predict costs over the product life cycle.

Speed Time to Market with Seamless Collaboration

Acting as a single source of truth, LevaData integrates with design and PLM systems to break down silos of information. The platform keeps track of BOM health, attributes, and project history throughout the process.

Built-in communication tools, task assignments and project management functionality allow your teams to collaborate seamlessly, drastically reducing the time it takes to get products to market.

Reduce Risk with Deeper Insight

You can’t predict the future, but you can get the jump on your competition by thinking a few moves ahead. LevaData’s AI-driven advisor explores all relevant sources of information to predict risks, identify savings opportunities and suggest the best course of action.

P r og r am Status OPPO R TUN I TIES Stage Gate 3 Q3-19 Q4-19 Q1-20 Q2-20 Gate 2 Gate 1 Status P r og r am Timeline Next Checkpoint Date Multi Sou r ce Risk EOL Risk Non-P r e f er r ed Supplier Risk 11/04/2019 02/07/2020 Expected Rollout Date RISK I TEMS P r og r am P r ofile P r oduct 2.0 Cost 4 OPPO R TUN I TIES PREDI C TIVE COS T - NEX T 4 Q U A R TERS 4 BOM Risk RISK I TEMS 9 0 2 7 9 $100.00 $103.48 T a r get Cost Cur r ent Cost $103.48 $102.15 $100.24 $100.00 0 2 7

Get the insight you need to fully understand the implications of each design choice. Compare alternate BOMs side-by-side for a real-time view of the price and risk impact of any changes.

$208.90 $206.48 7 1 SUPPLIERS 53 40 RISK ITEMS PARTS 240 240 COST BOM V1.1 BOM V1.2
V e l o c i t y O p p o r t u n i Collaboration Single source of truth for BOM healthDesign change managementKPIs and risk attributesTask assignments and trackingRole-based access Velocity Side-by-side BOM comparisonData gaps filled in for faster rolled-up costsBOM health and target changes identifiedInstant reports reduce analysis time Optimize cost and risk earlier in the process Value Preferred supplier listsAlternate part recommendationsComprehensive cost intelligenceAI-generated negotiation playbooks Identify opportunities to improve gross margins Built in tools channel expertise from allstakeholders