Move Confidently
Toward the Cognitive Future

Choosing the right platform for your organization’s digital transformation is a long and resource-intensive process. We offer an easier way.

LevaData’s Proof of Value Assessment uses your data to provide a clear illustration of the value Cognitive Sourcing can provide. Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to move towards digital transformation quickly and efficiently with the confidence that you’ll achieve results.

Give us the opportunity to prove that you’re ready for digital transformation today.

2-4 weeks 2-3 days
  • Executive Alignment
  • Spend Data Analysis
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Opportunity Validation
  • Conference Room Pilot
  • Business Case

The Proof of Value Assessment

LevaData’s Proof of Value Assessment removes the guesswork involved in choosing a sourcing platform.

strategic sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Maturity Assessment

In collaboration with your team, we conduct a maturity assessment that shows where your organization shines and identifies areas where there is the potential for transformation. It provides the foundation for the business case and transformation roadmap, targeting the highest value areas.

business case

Business Case

We lay out a fully transparent business case and roadmap that demonstrates and quantifies in financial terms how our solution will improve your efficiency and make you more agile. You will be able to see that digital transformation is more than an airy buzzword, it’s a fundamental change in business practices that can be scaled throughout your organization to create value.

user experience

User Experience

The process culminates in an authentic user experience: a hands-on conference room pilot using your organization’s data. See our solution in firsthand, customized to your company’s needs.

Get an Organizational Snapshot

Find out where you stand. LevaData collaborates with you to assess your organizational maturity. Leveraging our industry experience, we help your team identify your sourcing and procurement strengths and where there are high value opportunities.

The assessment is quick but comprehensive, and creates a benchmark that can be used to compare yourself to other organizations in your industry. We evaluate:

  • Data and systems readiness
  • Your strengths and opportunities in business process and technology
  • Transformational readiness
  • The optimal release path that meets your value targets quickly
  • Organizational readiness and human capital optimization

The Cognitive Sourcing Maturity Model and Survey

Maturity Model 2019

The goalposts for best-in-class have been moved. The Cognitive Sourcing Maturity Model incorporates traditional sourcing models and then extends further to capture what early adopters have achieved using Cognitive Sourcing technologies.

To get a glimpse into what the future of sourcing could hold for your organization, take our Cognitive Sourcing Survey. You’ll find out where you fall on the maturity model and receive an ebook with the results from this year’s survey once they’re compiled.

Take the Survey Here

Capitalize on Your Data

We make this personal. Using your data and insights, we demonstrate how cognitive sourcing can produce results specific to your organization.



Elevate your team. The Leva Cognitive Sourcing Platform takes on the routine task of data gathering, removes the risks inherent in manual data manipulation, and frees your expert to do what they do best: operate more strategically.



Capture value. At the core of what we deliver are improved margins and lower costs. Despite increasingly volatile markets, your team will be able to interact more frequently and confidently with all of your suppliers, at speeds that were previously out of reach. You’ll capture more value, improve accountability and compliance, manage suppliers more effectively than before.



Perform ahead of the curve. The Leva Cognitive platform gives instant access to up to date information and insights that expose risks and reveals opportunities. Drastically reduce your RFX cycle time, enter into negotiations better prepared, and realize results faster.

See Leva in Action

Take the future for a test drive. Get a hands-on, guided tour of Leva.

  • Test the business case your team has developed with LevaData, and get a clear picture of the platform’s ROI.
  • See your team interact with Leva as they would in their everyday work environment. 
  • Use Leva to identify actual risks and opportunities for your organization.
  • Get a firsthand understanding of how Leva can be scaled throughout your organization to drive efficiency and agility by providing 360° visibility and streaming insights.

See what LevaData can do for you