Key Learnings from the 2018 Cognitive Sourcing Summit

>>Key Learnings from the 2018 Cognitive Sourcing Summit

Review the highlights of LevaData’s Cognitive Sourcing Summit in one hour. This recorded webinar captures five key themes raised at the summit by some of sourcing’s biggest thought leaders. You’ll learn about the transformative impact AI, machine learning, and cognitive sourcing are having on the procurement field. This session includes Fitbit’s journey to cognitive sourcing and best practices from experts at Constellation Research, IDC, Forbes and Procurious.

Lessons Learned

1. Digital Transformation

The experts’ take on the role AI and cognitive sourcing technologies will have on procurement’s digital transformation

2. Driving Value

Deriving concrete benefits and a clear ROI from investments in new technologies

3. Roadmap Development

Developing a roadmap for digital transformation, including adopting a vision, selecting a pilot project, dealing with bad data and simply getting started

4. Shaping Talent

Principles of change management for your digital transformation project and shaping your team and organization for a successful rollout

5. Cross-Functional Collaboration

Elevating the role of procurement: orchestrating with NPI, engineering and finance teams to drive the business


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