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The NPI Competitive Advantage in High Tech

Join us on August 15th at 10 am PST/1 pm EST 08/15/2019 10:00 AM America/Los_Angeles Webinar: The NPI Competitive Advantage in High Tech Link: https://zoom.us/j/836389108
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In this webinar, we'll review how manufacturers can implement cognitive tools within procurement and extend their use to NPI teams. See how manufacturing companies are transforming the NPI process to improve collaboration across teams, accelerate development and increase margins over the long term.
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for a webinar where we take you through how Cognitive Sourcing can help streamline your NPI process.

Bringing quality products to market, on time and on budget, is key to your company’s success.

LevaData’s Cognitive Sourcing platform provides your NPI team with the information and seamless collaboration they need to pull ahead of the competition.

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Speed Time to Market

Get to market faster by using built-in communication and project management tools to share information and access your organization’s internal expertise quickly.

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Improve Margins

Improve your bottom line by making decisions with a healthy BOM and accurate rolled-up product costs early in the NPI process.

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Reduce Risk

Identify and reduce risks, model outcomes, and evaluate the impact of your decisions with the help of an AI-driven advisor.

About Your Host

Richard Barnett, LevaData’s SVP of Marketing , will provide a 50-minute overview of the potential for cognitive sourcing within NPI and field your questions in a 10-minute Q&A.

Richard believes that a customer’s success is his success. Over his twenty-year career, he’s worked for both scrappy start-ups, supply chain innovators like i2 Technologies and GT Nexus, and tech luminaries like Microsoft. He is passionate about driving massive performance improvements through the latest in AI technologies. Richard has dual degrees from Stanford University in Political Science and International Policy Studies.

Richard Barnett

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