Supply Chain Insights: Cognitive Computing for Sourcing

>>Supply Chain Insights: Cognitive Computing for Sourcing

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Supply Chain Insights hosted a panel of sourcing experts to explore best practices and the pitfalls involved in the transition to a data-driven procurement process.


Check out the webinar for helpful perspectives on making the transition, as well as AI’s impact on managing increased volatility, and scaling teams to do more with limited resources:

  • Practical applications of AI and cognitive sourcing
  • Prepping for the transition
  • Addressing incomplete or inaccurate data
  • Change management
  • Improving company-wide perceptions of the sourcing team


  • Lora Cecere – Founder, Supply Chain Insights
  • Jasmine Castro – Global Sourcing, Polycom
  • Carol Deninger – Supply Chain Solutions, Bose
  • Richard Barnett – Customer Success, LevaData


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