Free Covid-19 Supply Risk Navigator

High-tech companies facing Covid-19 supply disruptions can leverage the platform at no charge for three months.

Identify risks to your portfolio, get recommendations on alternate parts and suppliers, and engage providers to lock in supply.

High tech manufacturers – including consumer electronics, medical device and industrial companies – have an important role to play in getting us through the Covid-19 crisis. To help these companies identify and resolve supply continuity challenges, LevaData is offering our risk platform at no charge during this critical period.*


All of the tools you need to quickly assess risks, optimize your response and take action.

LevaData goes beyond risk detection to assess the impact on your portfolio, provide recommendations and engage suppliers to execute your plan.

Kill Analysis Paralysis

Speed is always essential to a growth. During a crisis however, it’s a requirement for survival. Spending days to look up part numbers and call suppliers won’t cut it, so LevaData applies AI to our network of parts and suppliers to improve your uploaded data, identifying errors and filling in gaps. From here, you’ll immediately have a comprehensive view of your situation so you can plan next steps in hours – not days.

Leverage a Community

LevaData’s analysis covers a wide range of data sources, with the most actionable insights generated by our unique community of buyers and sellers. The system applies AI-driven algorithms to marketplace activity totaling $70 billion (and counting), to discern inflection points in demand, lead time and other parameters. Incorporating your spend data and sourcing goals results in a comprehensive view of the threats and opportunities facing your portfolio.

Take Action

It’s not enough to identify the risks you’re facing. LevaData drives agility with tools to optimize your plan and orchestrate a response. Build a scenario with suppliers and contract manufacturers that aren’t shut down by the coronavirus, collect their responses and award jobs – all within the platform. Your dashboards and recommendations will automatically update as the situation evolves, so you can handle tomorrow’s emergency, too.

Risks Related to Covid-19 and Beyond

LevaData applies data science to predict the spots that are most likely to face Covid-19, and other disruptions. These predictions are applied to your supply chain to identify high-risk suppliers, so you can address problems before they even emerge.

Portfolio Risks

Product Shortages

Optimize Your Plan

Explore LevaData’s recommended scenarios, and build new ones with the mix of parts, suppliers, regions and the specific risks you want to optimize for. Review them side-by-side to evaluate pros and cons, and select the optimal plan to move forward with.

How it Works

LevaData Smart RFX has all of the tools needed to put your plan into action. Manage the entire Quote – Bid – Award process within the platform to track responses, identify next steps and optimize your supplier mix.



Sign up for platform access



Provide the part numbers and supplier sites for your portfolio



LevaData identifies gaps and errors in the data



See the risks in your portfolio



Optimize a scenario for supply stability



Engage suppliers with built-in RFX capabilities

Comprehensive and Actionable Reports

Get Specific

LevaData flags the spots where you’re most likely to experience supply shortages, based on your supplier sites.

Identify Supply Gaps

Analyze potential supply shortages by evaluating multiple sourcing scenarios against risk data and revenue margin impact.

Check Supplier Health

The analysis includes an outlook on each supplier’s financial health, so you’ve got a heads-up on the providers that might not be around next month.

Get Recommendations

LevaData is the only platform that goes beyond analytics, with recommendations on scenarios that minimize supply disruptions.


LevaData recommends suppliers based on their risk profile, and prioritizes based on their lead time and cost. You can select from these options or add additional suppliers to consider.


You can also get recommendations on parts with more availability or lower costs. See components that meet your form-fit-function requirements, and send them directly to your engineering team for review.

Explore Your Options

In addition to LevaData’s recommendations, you can develop a range of scenarios and explore their potential impact across your products and sub-commodities. Prioritize elements like cost, lead time and supply commitments, and compare scenarios to evaluate pros and cons.

Engage Suppliers. No Email Required.

LevaData Smart RFX has all of the tools needed to put your plan into action. Manage the entire Quote – Bid – Award process within the platform to track responses, identify next steps and optimize your supplier mix.


Request Updates

First, find out whether your current suppliers can deliver on the units you’ve already contracted. Ship RFIs to every at-risk supplier or contract manufacturer, and LevaData will track their updates on pricing, supply availability and lead times.


Review the Latest

Your dashboards automatically update as completed RFIs come in. Use the latest info to optimize your mix of parts, spend and suppliers.


Ship RFQs

Easily ship RFQs to the selected suppliers, along with any messages or negotiation levers you’d like to include. LevaData tracks the status of each RFQ and notifies you when they’re completed.


Simulate the Mix

As the quotes come in, you can review updated scenarios, compare options, and share with coworkers.


Award Jobs

With updated information and supply risks accounted for, you can select the scenario, issue awards and close RFQs. In days versus weeks you’ve analyzed the situation, optimized a plan and taken proactive steps to mitigate risk and protect margins.

The LevaData Advantage

LevaData is a cognitive platform purpose-built for Supply Management. It analyzes company procurement data alongside thousands of marketplace, community and supplier data streams to make predictions and recommendations. LevaData is on a constant search for savings opportunities and emerging risks, and provides scenarios that allow supply management teams to avoid costly shortages and redesigns.

$60 Billion

in Annual Spend

on our platform by our customers

$120 Million

in Contracted Savings

for our customers

600 Million

Parts Available

in our database for analysis and competitive benchmarking

15 Million

Data Attributes

constantly scanned and analyzed for opportunities

2 Months


Achieve ROI fast on engagement with LevaData

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We’re happy to answer questions and discuss your portfolio risk management needs. You can use the form above or send an email to We’ll get back to you right away.

Does My Company Qualify?
LevaData’s Covid-19 risk assessment and response platform is designed to help high-tech manufacturers, including electronics, medical device and industrial companies identify risk within a direct materials spend of $100 million or more. Uploading your full spend data isn’t required, and it doesn’t matter if you build everything in house, or work with a range of joint manufacturers.

For smaller companies however, our system is less likely to identify a significant number of risk events or savings opportunities. We want to offer our users great customer support as well, and our bandwidth simply limits the number of companies we can work with.

*The Portfolio Risk Assessment is designed to help high tech manufacturers, including electronics, medical and industrial companies, identify risk within a direct materials spend of $100 million or more. We apologize, but access to the platform can’t be given to everyone.