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Your Cognitive Supply Management Advisor

AI and predictive tools to transform sourcing into a competitive advantage.

LevaData is an intelligent advisorthat applies artificial intelligence and predictive tools to both market intelligence and enterprise procurement data sets. LevaData is on a constant, real-time search for savings opportunities and supply chain risks. It recommends what you should negotiate – and exactly when – for maximum leverage.

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The Cognitive Supply Management Cycle


Always-on identification of risks & opportunities

Constant identification of risks and opportunities. It scans market intelligence sources‐such as news, benchmarks, and exchanges—and all relevant internal enterprise data, in real-time.


AI-powered insights for constant improvement

Our AI monitors all actions & outcomes ‐ across your supply chain and the broader community ‐ to improve itself. It discovers how to sense & generate more relevant recommendations over time.


Strategies to maximize negotiation outcomes

Generates strategies to maximize negotiation outcomes, including one‐click creation of playbooks. It tells you which levers to pull during a deal‐and when‐for optimal results.


Achieve continuous sourcing with intelligent assistance

Enables you to move to continuous sourcing. Engage with your suppliers in seconds within the system. Or use its expert assistance to speed up your existing procurement processes.

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LevaData Advantage

$60 Billion

in Annual Spend

on our platform by our customers

$120 Million

in Contracted Savings

for our customers

600 Million

Parts Available

in our database for analysis and competitive benchmarking

15 Million

Data Attributes

constantly scanned and analyzed for opportunities

2 Months


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levadata awards supply and demand chain executive 2019
levadata awards IDC innovator
levadata awards garter

The Cognitive Sourcing Maturity Assessment

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Cognitive Sourcing allows your procurement team to reach levels of performance beyond the scope of traditional maturity models. Find out where you stand.

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How Leva Can Help You


levadata sourcing

Leva levels the playing field with suppliers and manufacturing partners via unique cost benchmarks on parts, products, and commodities. It recommends negotiation levers and cuts analysis time to seconds for sourcing events. This means you can act on risks and opportunities with specific insights.


levadata finance

Leva gives you improved accuracy in product cost allocation changes. It allows you to manage rebates and amortize tooling at suppliers. Leva alerts you when margins are at risk from Forex or raw material cost changes. This means you can move from reacting to supplier risk to predicting success.


levadata manufacturing

Leva creates visibility into outsourced BOMs and “costed rollups” from manufacturing partners. It enables a “trust but verify” approach for key parts and commodities for partial or full outsourcing. This means insights into full transformation and lifecycle cost changes in your manufacturing process.


levadata engineering

Leva’s recommendations during new product introductions allow you to optimize suppliers, part selection, and cost. It gives you unique access to market intelligence and savings opportunities in real time as you create a design BOM. This means you can reduce product lifecycle costs from the very start.

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