Supply Chain Analytics

Get Smarter about all of the parts you source

A Direct Material Sourcing platform, powered by AI. We enable supply chain teams to increase spend visibility, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Build procurement resilience and gain a competitive edge.

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Supply Chain Analytics

The Intelligent Platform for Direct Material Sourcing

Get immediate insights to optimize procurement decisions, cost savings and drive effective strategic sourcing for your direct materials

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Unlock Cost

Get detailed spend intelligence and benchmark at the part level to maximize procurement cost savings

Manage supply chain risks - Procurement Intelligence

Manage supply
chain risks

Mitigate risk by leveraging insights with alternative part options, lead times, supplier performance and build resilience at the part level

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Vendor and Supplier Collaboration

Enhance operational efficiency by ensuring smooth and seamless communication with your suppliers in the procurement process

Optimize Sourcing with AI-driven Insights

Discover how LevaData’s unified platform revolutionizes sourcing with features like real time cost savings, spend visibility, savings opportunities, supplier discovery and immediate alternate part identification.

Search your part

Get detailed information about a part at the MPN Level. Gain insights on spend intelligence, lead times, price benchmarks.

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Know your spend

Get complete visibility on your spend. Quickly zoom in on key spend metrics to identify opportunities to drive strategic sourcing and bring value across your supply chain

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View Savings Opportunities

Compare your pricing to LevaData’s pricing benchmarks. Identify cost savings and improve your BOM cost

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Guarantee Supply Continuity

Implement measures to navigate through supply chain disruptions. Build resilience for your direct material sourcing by identifying risk at the part, manufacturer and geographical level

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Discover alternatives

Get detailed information of form fit function alternatives and supplier discovery. Make smarter procurement decisions.

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What Industry
Leaders Are Saying

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“LevaData has utilized the innovation of AI and predictive analytics to help organizations understand when they need to act and negotiate with their supply base. As a strategic sourcing advisor, LevaData brings significant ROI.”

Mickey North Rizza
VP Enterprise Applications & Digital Commerce

“I think LevaData is an absolute leader in the cognitive sourcing space, and what they’ve built so far is ahead of everybody in the market. They do one important thing above all else—it’s no longer about interpreting data signals—it’s about actually taking action. The ability for LevaData to create value using these cognitive bots is pretty much market leading at this point.”

Elouise Epstein
Digital Futurist & Partner at Kearney

“Unprecedented volatility and ongoing economic uncertainty are driving companies to seek actionable insights from data to make better decisions about their direct material sourcing. LevaData direct sourcing provides decision intelligence that literally saves companies millions of dollars almost immediately.”

James Johnson
Managing Director, AI Breakthrough

“LevaData is a valuable sourcing solution for companies looking for a tool that supports BoMs and material-level analytics while providing market insights, especially for categories like electronics, for better decision making during the NPI process and after production begins.”

Bertrand Maltaverne
Senior Analyst

“LevaData is changing the way we think about strategic sourcing. Technology itself can't solve everything. It must work with human beings to get the best results. LevaData has integrated these two components of the supply chain process: the human elements and the technology.”

Donald Farmer
Supply Chain Analytics

Transform Your Direct Material Sourcing

Data driven insights for supply chain resilience. Digitize manual processes, engage with suppliers and mitigate risk in real time with our powerful and unified platform

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Vendor Scorecards

Vendor Scorecards

Get detailed insights of your suppliers. Uncover your spend opportunity, financial rating, risks, global vendor locations to ensure profitable partnerships

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Location Awareness

Location Awareness

Navigate risks by knowing the origin of your parts.Determine if geographical risks affect your supply chain at the product, manufacturer or part level

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