We know more about manufacturing parts and ingredients than anyone on the planet.

The Intelligent Platform for
Direct Material Sourcing

Automated Intelligence Gives You a Competitive Edge

360 degrees of context to confidently and strategically allocate spend
Comparison and optimization of cost, risk, and resilience within a single platform
Industry-leading market intelligence to make decisions you can trust, action, and defend
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LevaData’s Proprietary Approach to Part Insights

Benchmarks are the cornerstone of our proprietary part insights. We provide you with comprehensive insights for all the criteria you need to evaluate the best options for cost savings and supply continuity.

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See Immediate Benefits For Your Company

Better lead time awareness insights
 to the category and manufacturer level

Transparent data integrity provides full confidence in the metrics

Knowledge of supply chain dependencies to identify vulnerabilities in your supply chain

Visibility into N-tier locations so you can create contingency plans

Detailed financial health of suppliers enables you to negotiate strategically

Intelligent Insights Help You Make Better Sourcing Decisions

Leadtime Awareness

Contextual perspective beyond the Part Number to the Category and Manufacturer level

Full data transparency so you can be confident and trust the metrics you are using and reporting.

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N-tier Location Awareness

Increased visibility to individual site locations so you can create tailored contingency plans

View critical dependencies and locations to proactively expose vulnerable links in your supply chain

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Manufacturer Awareness

Detailed understanding of the financial position of your manufacturers provides leverageable context for sourcing and negotiation cycles

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How it Works

We blend real-time data on over one billion parts from over 40,000 suppliers, making us the most advanced platform for part-level insights in the industry.
Artificial Intelligence

Auto-detect new opportunities and risks

Decision Analytics

Quickly evaluate and prioritize changes

Intelligent Actions

Turn insights and decisions into action

Executive Center

Real-time visibility into direct material supply chain

Customer Data

Your item cost master and operational data

Supplier Network

Extensive online network of electronics

Marketplace Data

News and data from extensive source library

LevaData Community

Proprietary insights, benchmarks & trends

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