Interactive Spend Intelligence Workspace

Discover how your spend evolves
Drill down to identify and address excessive cost increases and divergences
Track how changing prices affect your spend. Uncover savings opportunities
Strategic Automation

Unique Benchmarking for Enhanced Cost Savings

Benchmark your manufacturer part numbers (MPNs) on our platform and track how your costs are changing. Understand if your costs are aligned with or go beyond market prices.

Proactive Insight

Easily Understand Risks for your Product Parts

Reinforce your network of suppliers. Factor in a range of key insights rather than a single metric. Make smarter sourcing decisions with Part Risk Intelligence.

Experience Immediate Company Advantages

Unlock the immediate benefits for your company with our comprehensive solutions.

Better lead time awareness to the category and manufacturer level

Transparent data integrity so you can fully trust the metrics you are using

Knowledge of supply chain dependencies to identify vulnerabilities

Visibility into N-tier locations so you can create contingency plans

Detailed supplier insights enable you to negotiate strategically

Intelligent Insights for Informed Decision Making

Our platform analyzes vast amounts of data including market trends and risk factors to deliver actionable insights tailored to your business needs.

Collaborate effortlessly with suppliers

Maintain close relations and strengthen supplier partnerships with our RFX Tool. Request for Quote (RFQ) and Information (RFI) and take immediate action on our platform. Look beyond the constraints of emails and spreadsheets.

Custom Part Intelligence

Break down the costs of custom parts. Dive deep into metal, resin, material and machine costs and surface insights to enhance cost savings.

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