The LevaData Story

The Challenge

For Rajesh Kalidindi and his Sourcing team, the challenge was dramatic. Facing surging competition, a senior executive for a billion dollar product unit needed significant savings in the current year to defend gross margins. Find four more points—a fifty-percent increase—beyond what you already negotiated four months ago. Rajesh and his team were ready to act.

But there were no IT resources available. They were deployed across critical corporate initiatives. There would be no additional budget. After all, gross margins were already under pressure. And there wasn’t time to prepare another major sourcing event. Now the team had to innovate.

The Innovation

The team did have serious brain power and a talented consulting partner. Agreeing to a unique gain-sharing approach, the two groups huddled together. Over two months, they worked six days a week, for twelve hours a day. They created a new data-driven negotiation approach. It combined every bit of relevant internal data with fresh, external market intelligence. The outcome: a comprehensive negotiation strategy and playbook.

Then, over one week, they engaged their suppliers. For every offer received, the team countered with real data. The suppliers had subjective arguments. The team had hard numbers, all at their fingertips in the playbook. Every opportunity documented, every insight captured.

The Outcome

At the end of the process, the team delivered almost double the savings requested by the product unit GM. That meant sixty million dollars added to the bottom line. Three months later they repeated the process for another business line.

That’s when the wheels started turning. This approach was perfect for a cloud-based solution, usable in a repeatable way. Rajesh reached out to forty other procurement leaders at other organizations.

All said the same thing: “That’s a problem we must solve.”
Many told him: “If you make it, I’ll buy it.”

So LevaData was born. The Cognitive Sourcing Platform offers customers these data-driven negotiating tools with the same focus on delivering a sustainable value proposition.

Our SaaS platform is purpose-built for the procurement and sourcing functions. It’s always on, which means it can find opportunities well before you need them. It uses crowd-sourced intelligence, unlocking the wisdom of the market for you. An innovative, AI-powered platform provides recommendations on when to act and how to optimize your negotiations.

All this transforms sourcing & procurement into a sustainable competitive advantage with real, hard dollar ROI.

The LevaData Mission

LevaData’s team of strategic sourcing leaders, software, and data engineering innovators has one relentless mission – to make strategic sourcing capability a competitive advantage for enterprises.

Our goal: to deliver twenty billion dollars in incremental customer value by the year 2022, leveraging data, community, technology, and talent.

$20 Billion


Executive Team

LevaData’s management team includes leaders with extensive experience as Sourcing and Procurement executives at Fortune 500 corporations as well as technologists with a deep understanding of AI and cognitive technologies.

This combination of operators and innovators allows us to maintain focus on issues that truly matter to our customers.

rajesh kalidindi

Rajesh Kalidindi – Founder & CEO

Rajesh has over twelve years of experience managing strategic sourcing and supplier management for multiple commodities and third-party manufacturing operations. He’s delivered significant bottom-line savings through data-driven procurement practices for Cisco and Palm. An MBA with concentrations in supply chain management and information systems from Michigan State University, he is a thought leader on fusing human with artificial intelligence for procurement innovation.

mark cosway

Mark Cosway – EVP of Sales & Marketing

Mark Cosway brings more than thirty years of experience and is a veteran supply chain technology evangelist. He has worked with industry innovators such as GT Nexus, Transvoyant, Excelon, and i2 Technologies. Known as “Coach Cos” internally for his engaging leadership style and strategic thinking, he is responsible for LevaData’s commercial sales, alliance partners, and growth strategies.

Backiaraj Irudayaraj

Backiaraj IrudayarajSVP of Engineering & Technology

Iru is an innovative technology leader and software patent-holder with over 25 years of experience in retail and supply chain. He’s delivered value-driven SaaS solutions to companies such as Sony and Caterpillar and leveraged data science and machine learning in his partnerships with Amazon and Google. Iru is a strong believer in teamwork and the agile approach, and has leadership experience at HCL & HP, i2 Technology, JDA Software, Revionics, and Toyota. Iru has an executive education from Harvard and has an MBA along with a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering.

Kent Ledgerwood

Kent Ledgerwood – VP of Customer Success

Kent wakes up every day with one focus: to enable clients and teams to achieve their goals. Over his twenty years of supply chain transformation experience he has lead teams at start-ups, Accenture, IBM, The Home Depot, and national energy companies. His passion for technology, AI, and the value it enables is second only to his drive to ensure that internal and client teams exceed their own expectations. Kent holds an MBA in Supply Chain and a BS from the University of Tennessee.

adeel najmi

Adeel Najmi – Chief Product Officer

Adeel is a recognized pioneer in supply chain management, with 30+ years leadership in product management, engineering, and data science. As an executive at JDA Software, One Network Enterprises, and Symphony RetailAI, he guided dozens of successful digital transformations for Fortune 500 companies. Adeel is a multiple Supply Chain & Demand Executive “Pro to Know” selectee. He holds a Ph.D in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from University of California at Berkeley.

akwasi peprah

Akwasi Peprah – VP of Operations

Akwasi brings over fifteen years of experience driving sourcing process transformation and margin improvements at organizations like Cisco, IBM, and the Alabama Department of Transportation. He’s passionate about building high-performance teams, which for his Operations team means relentlessly pursuing the highest metrics of value creation and delight for our customers. Akwasi holds an MBA from University of Minnesota and B.S. in Computer Science from Alabama State University.

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You’ve read about our founding story – the key insights and desire to create real, tangible value that drove the creation of our company. You’ve read about the innovation behind Leva, the world’s first AI advisor for strategic sourcing. We feel that being part of an organization with a vision for the future that delivers measurable results is deeply satisfying.

But beyond that opportunity, on a day-to-day basis, there are other great reasons to join us. These are encapsulated in the culture that every LevaData team member helps to forge. Read more about our culture and discover current openings here!