Join the Billion-Dollar Part
Challenge and Unlock
Massive Cost Savings!

LevaData is thrilled to launch the Billion-Dollar Part Challenge, a groundbreaking initiative to help global manufacturers achieve $1 billion in cost savings. By leveraging our industry-leading AI-powered supply management platform, we aim to transform the way companies source their direct materials and uncover unprecedented cost-saving opportunities.

Why Participate in the Challenge?

Tap into LevaData's industry-leading spend intelligence and lead time capabilities for smarter sourcing decisions.
Receive a complimentary contextualized cost and risk insight report for your submitted Manufacturing Part Numbers (MPNs).
Discover massive cost savings and support a great cause! Once the $1 billion cost savings goal is achieved, LevaData will make a $10,000 donation to a supply chain-related nonprofit organization.
Get involved in a global movement to fuel economic vitality and health for all supply chains.
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