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LevaData Introduces New Industry-Leading Capabilities for Spend Intelligence and Lead Time Visibility

April 3, 2023
The company’s most impactful platform release to date provides a major boost to companies looking for meaningful insights and visibility for sourcing parts faster at a competitive price.

Today, LevaData, the company behind the industry-leading AI-powered supply management platform, announced the release of new features providing its customers with a significant upgrade for acquiring spend intelligence and lead time visibility. True to LevaData’s mission of empowering companies to make the smartest sourcing decisions for their direct materials spend, the new capabilities further differentiate the company’s AI-powered spend intelligence platform from other solutions on the market by providing uniquely deep insights down to the parts and ingredients level.

Unprecedented volatility and ongoing economic uncertainty have forced companies to look closely at how they can gain complete data visibility and, most importantly, turn all this information into meaningful insights to make intelligent decisions about their direct material sourcing. Some of the most respected technology and manufacturing companies in the world trust LevaData and its innovative platform.

New features announced by LevaData include the following:

Deeper Lead Time Visibility: Expanded lead time insights provide users with a comprehensive picture of how trends have evolved, the direction they are moving in and their magnitude, so they can anticipate future scenarios. When armed with this insight, users can review manufacturer lead times within the same commodity areas and proactively identify alternative suppliers to ensure supply continuity and resiliency.

Enhanced Spend Intelligence: Customers get a competitive edge with expanded awareness of the breakdown and flow of their spend, which can easily be viewed on LevaData’s configurable dashboard. Detailed views with robust insights and recommendations make it even easier for supply chain and procurement teams to dissect all of their spend data and quickly identify savings opportunities.

Advanced benchmarking and alternate parts optimization features based on sophisticated AI algorithms are also updated in the platform.

“LevaData’s customers have a deep appreciation of the value contextualized insights provide to ensure full supply visibility within and outside of their organizations,” said Keith Hartley, CEO, LevaData. “The level of insights and detail that our customers can get on any part or ingredient, delivered in an easy-to-understand way, is literally transforming how supply chain and procurement teams are operating today. We’re helping them achieve greater results with fewer resources, so they can focus on other strategic priorities to add value to their companies.”

To learn more about LevaData’s latest features and request a custom walk-through of the platform, visit LevaData also offers up to five free part insights to companies on its website.

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