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ProcureTech x LevaData Decision Intelligence in Procurement 25th May 2023

June 26, 2023

HostLance Younger, CEO of ProcureTech, was joined by Dr Elouise Epstein, Partner atKearney; Fulden Sener, Former Procurement Director at BT Sourced; and KeithHartley, CEO of LevaData, where they discussed the findings from its upcoming whitepaper and how such decision intelligence tools are transforming – and will continue to influence – the way sourcing and procurement teams operate.

What Key Findings Did We Uncover in Our Research?

When it comes to leading procurement teams:

• 100% said that data-driven decision intelligence has positively impacted their ability to react to rapid market changes

• 89%: data-driven decision intelligence has enabled improved value leakage and compliance

• 100% said decision intelligence has allowed procurement leaders to have greater credibility with business stakeholders

• 100% say data intelligence is important to third-party risk management

• 89% class defining data quality and availability measures as a ‘very important data management adoption challenge, which needs to be addressed’

• 67%: implementing necessary data protection measures and establishing effective data governance processes are two other key challenges, classed as‘very important’

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