Webinar: USMCA’s Impact on the Automotive Industry

LevaData recently conducted a survey among executives at auto manufacturers and suppliers on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and its expected impact. The survey uncovered some surprising findings, including the unwavering support for the deal despite expectations of significant production cost increases. Join us as we discuss the results and how executives are planning for USMCA compliance.

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Explore Automotive Industry Concerns & Expectations for USMCA

How will USMCA impact production in North America?

How favorable are automotive execs towards the agreement?

How much are production costs expected to increase?

How will USMCA compliance impact supply chains?

How do executives plan to mitigate cost increases?

How will higher prices impact consumer purchasing?

About Your Host

Richard Barnett, LevaData’s SVP of Marketing , will provide a 50-minute overview of the study’s findings and field your questions in a 10-minute Q&A.

Richard believes that a customer’s success is his success. Over his twenty-year career, he’s worked for both scrappy start-ups, supply chain innovators like i2 Technologies and GT Nexus, and tech luminaries like Microsoft. He is passionate about driving massive performance improvements through the latest in AI technologies. Richard has dual degrees from Stanford University in Political Science and International Policy Studies.

Richard Barnett

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