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Technology Review

SpendMatters Tech Review: LevaData

This Vendor Analysis provides an overview of LevaData, a look at the competitive landscape, selection tips and a closing analyst summary.Here’s why LevaData matters:

  • To the market — LevaData is an established and recognized player in a narrow market (direct materials sourcing enhanced by materials analytics) that is getting a lot of attention from potential customers owing to the current situation with supply chains and the need to develop better insights and alternatives at material level to balance cost and risk.

  • To customers — LevaData enables customers to enhance their direct sourcing processes, such as new product introduction (NPI) or negotiations, by enabling them to minimize money left on the table, mitigate supply risks and automate process steps.

  • To potential buyers — LevaData is a valuable sourcing solution for companies looking for a tool that supports BoMs and material-level analytics while providing market insights, especially for categories like electronics, for better decision making during the NPI process and after production begins.